Image Selection – Excel Upload

While using this excel sheet to fill product upload sheet, you also need to fill two columns Main Image and Other Images, this is a guide to fill those two columns.

Step 1
Keep all images in one folder (you need to send this as a zipped folder), Download this excel sheet and open it
open excel sheet

Step 2:
If required, Enable Editing
Enable Editing

Step 3
If asked, Enable Content
enable content

Step 4
Add main image, select the cell in main image column
select main image

select main image 2

Step 5
Add additional images, if your product has more than one images than select the cell under Other Images column and than click on Add Other Images button
select other images

select other images 2

Step 6
Do it for all the products(one product in one row), save the file and zip the images in the folder.

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