What is ShipMyCard (SMC)??

ShipMyCard is one stop solution for all your hand made card needs. Think about the last time your received a beautiful “HAND MADE” card from your loved one, Feels good right?? So if you yourself are looking to give a Handmade card to some one special, but cant seem to find time or creativity to do so, than, well SMC is your soloution. So next time, you wanna tell your Hubby that how special he is, or want to wish your parents in style or just want to drop in a sweet hello to some one you love, do it with SMC.
We not only make beautiful hand made greeting cards, we can even custom tailor it for you. So if you want a picture to be added, or feel like sneaking a love letter between the layers, or just any of the old memories, we will do it for you. And yes, we do every thing in our power to send it on the required date.
All the cards are shipped with in 24 hrs, with the exception of some custom cards. and we deliver every where in India.

Meet the team :


Megha Singhal : is married and a hardworking mother of two (Chahak singhal and ShipMyCard.com). A creative person who can paint, craft, make rangolis, do mehandis and basically according to her, and we quote, “I cant rest my head on a pillow at night, until I have created some thing the whole day”. She has been making greeting cards for as long as she can remember. Previously only for immediate frenz and family circle, until a friend asked her to make a card on her behalf for some one. That day a dream was born to her, a dream to have her own hand made card selling company, hence came ShipMyCard.com.
Kanupriya Jain : Is a married House wife, who did her Masters in journalism and worked as a copy writer until she got married. After trying her hands at two different jobs, she realized her need of doing something creative every day is insatiable in any job. Finally as destiny would have it, she moved to Bangalore and met Megha (both their husbands are buddies)> Megha saw some potential and took this lost soul under her wing.

To all of you, from all of us at ShipMyCard.com – Thank you and Happy Gifting!